Xanax Addiction – Signs, Symptoms, and Effects

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There are a few symptoms that people who are addicted to Xanax will outwardly display. It is important to note that these symptoms should not be used as the sole factor in determining whether or not a person may be suffering from addiction. However, if you do notice any of these symptoms you may want to take a closer look at the person in question.


  • Increase in the amount of time spent sleeping
  • Appearing to be more clumsy than usual
  • Appearing to be drunk without having consumed alcohol
  • Issues with short and long-term memory

An Increase in the Amount of Time Spent Sleeping

Xanax is a sedative, and by nature it makes people feel drowsy. It is common for people to fall asleep or need to take a nap within an hour or two after taking Xanax due to the extreme drowsiness that it can induce in the people that take it.

Appearing to be More Clumsy Than Usual

Xanax also acts as a muscle relaxer. People who are not used to experiencing this sensation in their muscles will often have difficulties maintaining their balance and performing basic motor skills. People who abuse Xanax often end up with injuries due to their reduced ability to utilize fine motor skills.

Appearing to be Drunk Without Having Consumed Alcohol

Xanax can mimic the effects of alcohol. This is because Xanax is a sedative. People who are under the influence of sedatives experience things such as slurred speech, lowered inhibitions, and a lack of coordination. Many people abuse Xanax because it allows them to feel as though they are drunk without having to feel hungover the next day.

Issues with Short and Long-Term Memory

Xanax is notorious for causing problems with memory. Those that abuse Xanax, and take huge doses to get high tend to lose hours of their memory at a time. Sometimes, people that abuse Xanax are unable to remember entire days. Abusers of Xanax often report that their days tend to blur together.

Running out of Medication Early

If a person is prescribed Xanax to help control an anxiety disorder, there is a chance that they have begun to abuse their medication if they have started running out of their Xanax early. People who had prescribed Xanax often end up having issues with tolerance, and resort to taking more to achieve the same feeling that they got when they first got their prescription.

These are Just a few of the Signs

The way that Xanax effects people is dependent on a wide variety of factors. Things such as a person weight, age, metabolism, and mental processes all play a roll in the way that a person behaves while under the influence of Xanax. The signs and symptoms listed above are just a few of the symptoms that may present themselves. The combination of signs and symptoms that appear in a person who is abusing Xanax will likely differ based on the individual.