Why is Xanax Dangerous

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Xanax has become a common household name in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. With Xanax being so popular, some people fail to realize how dangerous this substance actually is. Xanax belongs to the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines have been used since the early 1960s to treat anxiety and panic disorders. They were believed to be a safer, less addictive alternative to barbiturates but as we have learned in modern times, this is not the case.


  • Lowered Inhibitions
  • Dangerous to Mix
  • Memory Damage
  • Worsens mental health disorders

Lowered Inhibitions

One of the reasons that Xanax is so dangerous is because of the extent to which it lowers inhibitions. Xanax can cause people who abuse the drug to behave in ways that they otherwise would not consciously choose to. People that abuse Xanax often come down from the drug and realize that they had been acting recklessly while under the influence. Often, due to the way that Xanax effects memory, the people do not remember what they were doing until somebody tells them about how they were behaving.

Dangerous to Mix

A lot of the time people who abuse Xanax do not realize that it can be deadly when mixed with the wrong substances. Mixing Xanax with alcohol can be fatal. Alcohol and Xanax both potentate one another and can lead to respiratory depression when they are consumed together. The same goes with mixing Xanax with other seemingly mild sedatives, such as NyQuil or over the counter sleep aids. Combining Xanax with over the counter sleep aids can be fatal.

Long-Term Memory Damage

Studies have shown that Xanax can cause long-term memory damage when it is used or abused for extended periods. If you value your short and long-term memory, you may want to think twice about consuming Xanax.

Worsens Mental Health Disorders

Xanax has been known to make existing mental health conditions worse. Xanax can cause suicidal thoughts and symptoms that mimic the symptoms of clinical depression. Many people who start taking Xanax as a way to cope with mental health disorders find that their symptoms are actually worse once they stop taking the drug. That is why Xanax was originally only meant to be used for short periods. However, people who obtain Xanax with the intention of getting high are often not aware of the way that it can negatively impact mental health over time, and end up with severe mental health-related symptoms after stopping the drug due to the way the drug has influenced their brain chemistry.

There are Plenty of Other Dangers

The dangers listed above are just the most well-documented dangers associated with Xanax. There are many other dangers associated with this drug that are not listed here. Each person responds to the drug differently depending on their own unique brain chemistry, and the way that it can negatively impact a person and cause danger varies from person to person.