Where to Find Natural Xanax Alternatives

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With the risks posed by the use of Xanax, it is important to find some safe alternatives. These can be found in some natural ingredients most of you are probably familiar with. According to Brent A. Bauer M.D., the following list are some natural alternatives that will provide the properties that Xanax can, without the dangerous side effects and possibilities of addiction. His complete list you can find here.


  • Kava
  • Valerian
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Passion Flower
  • Lemon Balm


While these alternatives may not all work for you, it is important to discuss their possibilities with your health professional. Further research is being done, and it is important to note that these natural alternatives will also allow you to avoid the addiction that is possible with Xanax as well.


Ask a Professional


As with any treatment you will want to speak with your doctor before you begin any of these supplements. Especially as a replacement if you are already taking Xanax. Your doctor will be able to discuss the benefits of each of these Xanax alternatives. They will also be able to ascertain any risk you may face with the removal of Xanax from your daily routine. If you find yourself with the need for your Xanax, it may be time to consider a different line of treatment.


Seeking Help for Dependency


If you have developed a dependency on Xanax, you may need to seek the aid of a rehabilitation center. The dangers of Xanax abuse have been discussed in previous post. They include lowered inhibitions, dangerous when mixed, memory damage, and worsened mental health disorders, among other dangers. It is important that you seek medical help in reducing and quitting a drug like Xanax to avoid further complications from the medicine. This is not a process you have to face alone.


Finding Your Solution


Implementing the right treatment plan for your personal needs will be key to achieving success. When you visit with your rehabilitation therapist, it is important to discuss all of your concerns and any symptoms and side effects you have been dealing with. You will also want to discuss the possibility for success with these alternative methods of treatment. Treatment is as different for each as it is for each different method. It may take some time, but the outcome is well worth the input.