Our Events

We host many meetings and events each month at our center. We also allow members of the community to volunteer at our center. We are always looking for help with creating flyers, fundraising, and event planning.


12/15/18 – During this meeting, we will be discussing coping mechanisms and how we can work to discover which coping mechanisms work best for us. Having healthy coping mechanisms is a vital part of the recovery process.

12/20/18  – During this meeting, we will be discussing tips and trips for making it through the holiday season without giving in to the urge to use. The holidays can be particularly stressful, especially when having to face family members who we have not seen since getting clean.

12/29/18 – We will be discussing how our lives have improved since giving up Xanax. Staying grateful and appreciative of the success that we have achieved so far is motivating and can help us to stay motivated to continue on the path to recovery.


12/31/18 – On this date, we will be having a night of music. Local bands from across Pueblo, Colorado will be playing their music for us to enjoy. There will be snacks and food to enjoy. All proceeds will go towards the cost of operating our center.

1/3/19 – On this day we will be hosting a meditation class. This class is beginner friendly, and all people are welcome to join. It starts at 7 PM and goes until 8 PM. Meditation is a great tool for handling stress, as well as for repairing and restructuring the brain as we work to improve our quality of life.

1/9/19 – We will be hosting an introduction to Reiki class. Reiki is an excellent healing modality and can be implemented to assist on the journey of recovering from addictions of all kinds.